No-one to Some-one

The session was conducted in DAV, Dayanand Vihar during their annual IT Tech Fest WARTEX 4.0. The participants were teachers from reputed schools across Delhi-NCR. The workshop discussion points were:-

  • Re-evaluate the purpose of :-
    • Education - To make life better for students
    • School - To build a responsible citizen
    • Teaching - To help students grow
  • Get teachers to recognize the non-profit potential and fun that exists in exceptional service
  • Social Emotional Learning

It was a phenomenal session where teachers from prominent school discussed their day to day challenges & got clarity on what it takes to move up to the next level in the entire ecosystem and discovered that SMART education is beyond the traditional technology driven education.

Emotional Intelligence for Indian Dental Association

Health ecosystem is stressed in its own ways, relationship between Patients and Doctors. being the pivotal joint. I was privileged to share insights on Emotional Intelligence for doctors of IDA (Indian Dental Association) fraternity on 6th March '20 marking the celebration of Dentist Day & Women's Day.

The awareness, regulation and expression of emotions is critical to holistic well-being. Woven around complex concepts of body, mind and soul, it was fun interacting with Doctors. Addressing their challenges on handling day to day issues and tasks. Happy to share glimpse of the interactive session.

It gives me immense satisfaction when audience write their heart out acknowledging that I was able to help them someway.