Our vision

It's all about being your own self and taking charge of our lives. Some are already in charge, some are in transition while some are yet to discover themselves.

Dive 'N' Fly aims to make you dive to the deepest connects of your own self to start a spectacular journey to launchpad towards your goals, to fly at the highest skies conquering your fears, shattering all closed notions and to discover the best of you..!!

Our Story

Everyday is a new discovery. Even the smallest moment can make the biggest difference in your life. Often we are in dilemma. We don't know what steps to take, how to make use of the opportunity or even what to do in future. Businesses don't know where their target users are, how to reach them or even how much they need to spend in order to do so. Corporate aren't sure which teams & leaders are growing the quickest & where employees are lagging behind.

Throughout the history of mankind,people use guidance to make more informed decisions.Our mission at Dive 'N' Fly is to help people,guide them & provide them with some efficient ways to be happy,successful, ever glorious & become a good part of our society. If you believe in yourself,than let us show you the direction.

Ishitaa Jain

A versatile dynamic speaker, an avid reader with expertise on sales, leadership, story telling & execution. Her focus is on empowering institutions, large & small; to do, to execute & to direct themselves on the path of their dreams & vision.

Ishitaa Jain's straight from the heart attitude, passion & high energy motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations & into their greatness in many ways. Her vibrant persona and thought delivery methods are certain to leave audiences spell bound and fill  them with energy to take charge of their lives.

Before starting Dive 'N' Fly®, Ishitaa rose to the top of Sales Profession, delivering distinct value additions in her roles and responsibilities. Over her decade long rich and diverse telecom experience,  she has delivered assignments in her own way, handling the challenges with utmost ease. Her rich acumen carries experience from leading MNCs to the most innovative startups. With a strong minded personality and a clear articulated thought process,  she has been duly recognized for her work that has created value spread beyond the cross functional teams and processes, identifying  right collaborative methods enhancing productivity.

Post graduate in Management from JBIMS (Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Sciences) and a Bachelors in Computer Sciences, give her the techno-management edge to spearhead discussions and tackle situations. She loves to travel and discover new places in her leisure time.



Founder - Dive 'N' Fly

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