Stop Stopping Yourself to become unstoppable
How to Stop Stopping Yourself ?

What holds a lot of people back from becoming unstoppable is that they keep on stopping themselves to take Action.

I know, that might sound odd and you might be asking, “How can I stop stopping myself?”

We all have an internal panel of voices, whose sole purpose is by all accounts to #stop on our yearnings, to #doubt our dreams, to #question our fantasies, to cause #fear and #frustration, to say "You can't do that!" and "You'll be nothing!" 

Whenever you experience doubt, get excited! It means you’re thinking big!

Your internal Committee is advising you -Prove it to me, and I’ll stop questioning it.

Now, there are two ways to ‘prove it’ to the Committee – reality and imagination.

1) If you actually do something, in #reality, the committee can no longer question it because it already happened.…

2) But sometimes, you need to #imagine. If you’ve never before achieved something you really want to achieve, you ought to distinctively Imagine it working out as expected, zeroing in on every one of the tangible subtleties – sights, sounds, smells, sentiments, thoughts, and so forth.

Also, since your mind can't differentiate between the real world and a strikingly envisioned occasion, this 'imagine' experience truly has the ability to quiet down the panel, or if nothing else calm them down long enough for you to get right into it.

I call it making a memory from the future. If you do the exercise properly, and with enough intense sensory detail, you genuinely can make an emotional experience that feels like a memory.

So when anyone, including your advisory group, says, "You can't do that," your reaction can be, "What do you mean I can't do it, I've effectively done it!"

Furthermore, your brain, recollecting the emotional experience, needs to agree. But you still need to #ACT. As long as you're moving, doing the activities that lead to results, you can keep the board of trustees quiet. In any case, when you're inactive, they WILL return with more force. 

Are you willing to #stop #stopping yourself to become #UNSTOPPABLE mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally?

Ishitaa Jain,

Empowerment Coach

Founder, Dive 'N' Fly

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